How to help

Donations of anything: goods, money and time are incredibly helpful.

This is the easiest way to help. The cost of tuition for a student in the school is just $20 USD a month. Surgery can often be performed for only a few hundred dollars, so any amount you give will have a profound impact when used at CERBC. As mentioned in the stories, a donation of only $150 USD could provide surgery that fundamentally changes someones life. We have established a partner organization in the US, called Friends of CERBC which has established a donation page. 100% of this money is given directly to the CERBC (Friends of CERBC covers the cost associated with the bank transfer and the fees to the donation page).

Please contact us cerbc DOT congo AT gmail DOT com for information on how to donate goods to CERBC. In the past we have received medical equipment such as audiometers, crutches, braile printers and many other devices. Due to the remote location of CERBC, shipping can be somewhat tricky, but we can usually find a way to get items there. Often this means shipping the items to Entebbe, Uganda which are then picked up by CERBC staff members.

If you are a medical professional and interested in helping out, please contact us at cerbc DOT congo AT gmail DOT com on how you could donate your time to provide services.