Secondary School

In 2016-2017, the secondary program consisted of 7 students with hearing impairments, 2 with physical disabilities, 1 blind student, 7 who are hard of hearing, and 2 with stutters. Secondary school allows them to choose a vocation, which sets the stage for them to be self sufficient members of society.

The secondary school also consists of several diplmoa programs including:
A tailoring program has allowed students to start professions when they graduate that allows them to be self reliant. In this program, they learn to create items, using the sewing machines provided at CERBC that can later be sold so they might earn a profession.
The first music program in Northeast DRC, that enables students to develop the skills to serve in bands that play at various events and churches within DRC.
A computer program that teaches them how to use computers, so that they can use these skills