Primary School

The primary school was established to provide education for those who are unable to attend school due to physical disabilities, or who are unable to fully integrate into community schools due to other disabilities (for example blindness or deafness). Many tools used to help educate those with disabilities (for instance braille readers or teachers who know sign language) are not available in schools with the community. By providing these students with an education, we are setting the stage for them to attend vocational or secondary school and be contributing members of their community. CERBC also provides dorm rooms for students who need to remain at the school during the year, thus enabling those who are unable to commute to school because of distance or disability to receive an education.

In 2016-2017, 38 students with hearing impairments attended the CERBC Primary school. Of these, 3 were students who were abandoned at the school. There were also 8 students with physical disabilities (2 of which were abandoned at the school) and 2 blind students.