Speech Therapy

Speech and language issues often affect individuals within the community as they are unable to communicate effectively and often can be shunned by their peers which prevents them from becoming productive members of society.

Due to the lack of a full time Speech Therapist, CERBC has relied on the help of volunteers to treat patients, as well as train and educate staff at CERBC on Speech Therapy methods. In 2016, Amanda Hitchins, accompanied by Amanda McRoy (both Speech Language Pathologists from the United States) visited CERBC. During their visit, the focused on presentations to staff at the CERBC clinic to educate them about Speech Therapy methods, and also saw 46 patients, of which 29 were children under 10. During patient visits, CERBC staff shadowed the two Speech Therapists to help provide any translation and get first hand experience on the methods used by Speech Language Pathologists. The patients were consulted for a variety of speecn and language issues including, but not limited to: stuttering, aphasia, and dysphagia. It should be stressed that the goal of these visits was NOT merely to see patients, but to train staff and educate the community in order to create a sustainable environment for further Speech Therapy at CERBC.